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Islam has already affected us. Many have known people who died in the World trade towers or given their lives in fighting the evils of Islam abroad. I personally know a couple who lost their son-in-law, Dennis Cook, in the attack on the World Trade Towers. They were never the same after that and moved out of state. I go to church with a couple whose sons worked for Nick Berg, the American contractor beheaded by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi who had his death shown on video by a terrorist organization. Finally, I am very good friends with the parents of a man, Joel Shrum, who was assassinated by Muslims in Kenya. My wife had even asked him to speak at her funeral. I know, at one time, there was a 5-million-dollar reward for capture of his assassins. If the evils of Islam have not already touched your lives, I am afraid it will in the future. We cannot avert this impending threat if we do not know about danger.
Conflicting stories

Following 9-11-2001, I first heard the news media report how evil Islam was. Then, all of a sudden, the TV was filled with Muslims saying how peaceful this religion is. Since this narrative did not match the reality of world events, I was driven to get more information. I thought what better way to get information than to go right to the source. Therefore, I read and studied the Koran, and later attended a presentation in a mosque. I have read 8 books about Islam and attended church services on Islam. I watched videos and TV shows about Islam. I soon realized many people were saying things that were the opposite of what I have read in the Koran and studied. They also were saying things that contradicted history, as well as current world events.

Many Christians, even missionaries have fashioned a view of Islam that contradicts mainstream Islam. This view of Islam is practiced by westernized Muslims who are considered infidels by most Muslims worldwide. These heretic Muslims twist the Koran so that it agrees with western morality yet keeps some of the theological beliefs of Islam. They are sort of the Jehovah witnesses of Christianity as far as a theological analogy. Many Christian missionaries believe these secular Muslims because missionaries often go to Muslim countries such as Senegal that are sanctuaries for these infidel Muslims. Most missionaries do not go to countries of true Islam because they would be persecuted or killed. These missionaries are in either ignorance or denial because they believe that these infidel Muslims represent true Islam but make up less than about 5% of Muslims word wide.
Consequently, Christian Muslim apologists like Gary Wills write books that few question. I read Will’s book, “What the Quran meant.” I found 7 factual inaccuracies in just the first 7 pages. Even his sources statistics were distorted and proven wrong by fact checkers. I personally questioned Wills on his book tour, and he had to lie in order to defend his assertion that Christians are never called “Polytheists” in the Koran. He said I must have a bogus translation. However, I later found out, even the translation used by wills in his book used the word “Polytheists” for Christians.

Knowing about Islam is more than an academic exercise. It is a call to protecting the freedom and well-being of all people. Does this sound like hyperbole? Consider this:
• 61% of Muslims said that Arabs did not carry out the September 11th attacks. (2002, Gallup and USA Today – Poll involving 10,000 people in nine mostly Muslim countries: Turkey, Kuwait, Iran, Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan, and Lebanon.)
• Only 4% of Muslims in Britain believe al-Qaeda was behind 9/11 (31% believe it was the United States government). (Policy Exchange (2016)
• 38% Muslims worldwide believe that the 9/11 attacks were “somewhat,” “largely,” or “completely” justified (Georgetown Islamic Studies professor and a Gallup pollster)
• 36% of Arabs polled by Al Arabiya saying the 9/11 attacks were morally justified, 38% disagreeing and 26% of those polled being unsure. (A Saudi owned Al Arabiya and Gallup 2008 study)
• 65% of respondents supported the September 11 attacks. (2005 by the Fafo Foundation in the Palestinian Authority)
• Forbes Magazine in a Jan 2017 article reported that there were 190 Islamic terrorists’ plots in the US since 9/11.
• Ohio State and the Cato Institute list details of the top 99 terrorism cases. Top Terrorism cases in the World since 1978 were all Islamic related and resulted in 7,124 deaths and 18,040 injuries.
• The government accountability office April 2017 report (U.S. deaths after 9-11), Attacks with < 2 deaths....... No Christian, 2 non-Islamic, 11 Islamic, 2016 - 49 deaths because of Islamic extremists. 0 for others
• PolitiFact. Com - “Of 418 individuals tracked by New America who are accused of jihadist terrorism related crimes in the United States since 9/11, 85 percent of them were either U.S. citizens or U.S. legal residents, and about half were born American citizens, Ford said.”
• Forbes Magazine in a Jan 2017 article reported that there were 190 Islamic terrorists’ plots in the US since 9/11.
• 15% of Muslims actively support jihad, and 65% passively support jihad.
• Of the top 50 countries guilty of persecution of Christians. 33 are Muslim. (Open Doors USA)
• 1 in 4 British Muslims believe London’s 7/7 subway bombings were justified. (NOP Research, as reported by CBS)
Islam is coming!
This violence is coming to a place near you, if we do not learn about Islam and find a way to confront it. Consider these facts:
• 1.2 to 1.7 billion Muslims worldwide. Vs 2.4 billion Christians. By 2050 Islam is predicted to overtake Christianity as the leading religion in the world.
• 54 countries are 50%+ Muslim.
• USA – officially 2.6 million to 3.5 million Muslims
• Americas – 5.2 million, 1386 mosques
• PA – 98 mosques, over 500 in NY
• 3 Muslim in the US congress.

Naïve US citizens vote to put Muslims in power, knowing nothing about Islam. There are more Muslims among us than most people realize, and many of them have ties to terrorist organizations.
• Keith Ellison - The first Muslim in congress representing Minnesota’s 5th district from 2007 till 2019. He was a nominee for the Democrat party chair in 2016, and later became the Minnesota Attorney general.
• Huma Abedin- Hillary Clinton’s staffer who became vice chair of Hillary’s campaign in 2016.
• Andre Carter – Convert to Islam elected in 2008 to represent Indiana’s 7th district.
• Cenk Uygur - Muslim, now atheist; Founder of Justice Democrats; was instrumental in making bartender AOC a political success.
• Rashida Tlaib - Age 42, born of Palestinian immigrants. Elected as Michigan representative in congress.
• Ilhan Omar (Is she Suffi?) - Age 37, a Somali American whose parents fled civil war in Somalia (98% Muslim with a large Suffi presence). Served in the Minnesota House of Representatives in 2017 representing Minnesota. Entered the US congress in 2019 and replaced the first Muslim in congress - Keith Ellison. Omar recently made anti-Semitic and unpatriotic remarks. Yes, she is the same woman who married her brother in order to be an American Citizen.
• Keith Ellison – Was the Attorney General for Minnesota and US representative in Congress for Minnesota from 2007 to 2019. Was also a candidate for DNC chairman. Ellison may or may not be Muslim due to his secrecy and conflicting reports. However, his 4 children are raised Muslims. Furthermore, Ellison is a pro-Muslim advocate and has had dubious associations with CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood. Ellison’s son was elected to the Minneapolis city council.
• Muslim Brotherhood
Be vigilant!
You owe it to yourselves, your family your friends, your country, and future generations to learn about Islam. Do not let history show Christians of this generations naively accepted a Trojan Horse. Do not allow future generations live under Sharia Law and be persecuted as infidels.

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