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Theologically, we must realize Islam is nothing like Christianity. Islam does not recognize the Bible as we know it and think our Bible is corrupt. The Koran does not teach Jesus is the Son of God or that Jesus died on the cross. Islam also rejects the Apostle Paul.

From a secular standpoint, one should also realize that true Islam is based on a violent Koran. Islam has a bloody past as exemplified by Muhammad. Even today, all Muslim nations are either at war with internal infidels or other infidel counties. Islam is a theocracy bent on world-wide domination. “Islam” means “surrender” or obey, and that is why 2/3 of all Christian persecution is in Muslim countries.

Muslims believe in forced acceptance of Allah because it is in the Koran. Those Muslims who believe otherwise are considered infidels. What many call “radical Islam” is actually mainstream Islam. Just as many Christians support the military, but do not join the army for many different reasons, so not all Muslims engage in Jihad. Nevertheless, true Muslims teach Jihad to their children, and support Allah’s warriors in some way, or do nothing to stop them.

In many countries, people are forced to defend themselves against violent Jihad. In the United States and many western countries, however, we should look to the government to keep violent theology from growing to a point where it will someday be a treat. Only an informed electorate can make that happen. It is important to know the difference between “infidel” self-described “Muslims” and true Muslims who believe in a literal Koran, and current Muslim theocracy. God help us all.

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