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The United States was founded as a Christian Nation.
Most of the 55 founding fathers of our constitution were orthodox Christians. Many were evangelical Christians. Thirty-Four of our founding fathers quoted the Bible in their writings. That included 3154 direct Bible quotes. Even Jefferson, a Unitarian, who Tanner calls a “well-educated man”, said “the Bible is the cornerstone of Liberty”.

William Penn’s first constitution required, for example, that all officers profess a belief in Jesus Christ. Also, did you know that the declaration of independence says we have been given “by our creator” certain inalienable rights. What do atheists think about that? Later the constitution’s establishment clause made sure we did not have a theocracy. Nevertheless, the open expression and display of religion was always acceptable. In other words, “our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people”. (stated your friend John Adams). Jefferson, another Unitarian said, “the Bible is the cornerstone of liberty.”

If one looks at the building blocks set by the original 13 colonies, you will see that most if not all had politics and law intertwined in order to protect their rights to be ruled by a Christian government. Study Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania just to name a few. Furthermore, in 1844 Vidal VS. Girard: The Supreme Court said that the “divine revelation” Ten Commandments can be taught in schools. Then, in March 27, 1854, The House Judiciary Committee stated that morality and Christianity are not only connected, but that Christian principles should be encouraged. Finally, in 1892 the case “Church of the Holy Trinity VS. The United States, 87 precedents were stated by the Supreme Court to deny hearing a case challenging that we are “A Christian Nation.”

Another thing I find interesting is that many of today’s laws in the United States are so similar to those of the Bible, and most likely based on the Bible either directly or indirectly. Is it a coincidence that we have 12 jurors? Is it a coincidence that debts are forgiven in 7 years?

The Ten Commandments hang above the head of the chief justice.
That is, unless they were recently removed by the religion police.
Are you also aware that in the house and senate appear the words “in god we trust”? Those words are also on our coins, but you did not explain that in your article. Furthermore, did you know that the great seal of the United States proclaims that “god has smiled on our undertaking”. It may surprise some that the Ten Commandments were placed in the U.S. Capitol rotunda. The rotunda also displays a figure of the crucified Christ! Even Jews can’t relate to that.

There has never been a separation of church and state in early America. We are not a theocracy, but God has always been in our government. By design, God has always been the head of Government, but accepting his leadership is voluntary. We were founded as a Christian nation not by force of law, but by the influence of Godly men who protected our religious liberty. To separate God from our government is to deny his influence and deny his people the freedom to practice and to express their religion.

This God is the one that students have studied in schools for almost 200 years. This is the God who is the Father of Jesus. This is the God that blessed the United States. This is the God that will punish this nation if we continue to abandon his teachings.

Note: quotes from Jefferson and Adams taken from “Trial and Error” by George Grant. These and many other quotes would be worth your reading.

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